Web Design Project: Campaign Website

One example of a completed campaign site was for Fern Kaufman. We installed a content management system (CMS), making it easy for campaign staff to edit all content on the site.

Here are some of the features of this site:

We created an intro page, to encourage visitors to sign-up to receive News and Announcements.

We added animation to the home page using a jQuery slider with scrolling images. This animation adds interest to the site:

Sample Slider Images:

We added online forms for donors ...

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Review: File Sharing Made Easy with Dropbox

Web development often requires collaboration among people in various locations. Having the ability to easily share large files is important.

There are an incredible number of file sharing services available, and many online sites offering free storage. The drawback, for me, has always been the hassle of having to upload and download files every time I want to use a “shared” file. I often end up changing the file locally, then forgetting to upload the latest version ...

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Review: Free Online Meetings with Mikogo

When developing a web design for a client’s site, it’s often helpful to walk through images or website options together over the phone. Screen sharing applications are a great way to look at websites together.

There are plenty of online meeting services out there, like gotomeeting.com and webex.com. There are even free services available now, like yuuguu.com, dimdim.com and even skype.com offers screen sharing.

My favorite free online full-featured desktop ...

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WordPress Tutorials

Here are some video tutorials for using WordPress. These are all in flash so you will need the free flash player to view (click here to download the free flash player). Please note these videos also contain audio, so turn your speakers on…

How to Log In To WordPress

How to Add a New Post in WordPress

How to Add a New Page in WordPress

How to Go Back and Edit a Post

How to Paste In Content ...

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Google Analytics Tutorials

Google Analytics (GA) is a very powerful tool offered free by Google. GA allows you to learn more about the visitors who come to your website. You can see where they came from (referring sites), what pages they viewed and how long they stayed on your site. By using GA, you can improve the “stickiness” of your site (increase the amount of time visitors spend on your website and keep them coming back). You’ll get the ...

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Website Control Panel Video Tutorials

These tutorials will show you how to log into the control panel on your website (for those of our customers who are using Lunarpages web hosting.

Logging Into Your Website Control Panel and Setting Up New Email Accounts

Setting up Your Email in Outlook and Viewing Other Lunarpages Tutorials

Backing Up Your Website In Control Panel

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Online Backup

We can help you get set-up with an online backup solution.

Backup Features and Benefits

  • Unlimited storage capacity for one flat annual subscription fee – back up all your data files or just the ones you want
  • Strong encryption protects your privacy (files encrypted twice before they leave your PC)
  • Private key encryption option available to advanced users
  • Automatically, continuously finds and backs up your irreplaceable files, e.g. photos, documents, music, and emails
  • Set and forget – automatically detects and backs up new and changed files
  • No ...
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Data Management

Donor, Volunteer, and Voter Databases

We can help you develop a data management system to track your donors, volunteers, and constituents. An online database can be integrated into your web design to allow your employees to securely access your data online from any webbrowser.

We can design a local custom database using Microsoft Access or create a secure online database that can be accessed from anywhere in the world, making it easier for remote volunteers to help with data entry.

For ...

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Volunteer Sign-Up Forms

Make it easy for volunteers to get in touch with you. We’ll also help you track information on your volunteers, so you can most effectively keep your members motivated with tasks that make the most use of their skills and interests.

Web forms can be integrated within your website design so when a volunteer signs up using your web contact form, an email will be sent to one or more of your volunteer organizers. In addition ...

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Streaming Video and Audio

Today’s internet users, overwhelmed by information, prefer to be entertained while getting information. Including short, issue-focused videos, streaming audio, and flash animations into your web design will greatly enhance the “stickiness” of your website.


Many internet users won’t take the time to read all content, but will watch videos on issues important to them— especially when referred to them by a friend. We can help you develop short but entertaining custom videos for your campaign or issue ...

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