Google Earth and Google Maps

Take full advantage of the new google earth and google maps applications with mashups. We can write a mashup that will generate a google map with data from your database. Want to see where your political precint or district is and how many Republicans vs. Democrats live in those precincts? A google maps mashup can show you.

You can also create a map hosted on your own site, showing where all of your Independent voters live, or one ...

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Add Videos to Your Site

Many internet users won’t take the time to read through the content on your website, but they will watch videos on issues (especially if it was sent to them by a friend). Use videos to show endorsements or get your supporters to submit personal videos for your cause. Develop commercials for webdistribution or host a video-submission contest to generate buzz.

We can help you develop and film custom vidoes like personal appeals from your candidate for donations, or cutting-edge, viral videos ...

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Small Business Services

We offer a wide range of services for small businesses, including:

Project Management and Collaboration Software

If your employees need an effective collaboration tool, we can help you sort through the various options and select the software solution that best meets your needs.

Database Development

We can help you develop a custom database to track customer orders, purchase orders, vendors and inventory. If you have inherited a Microsoft Access Database, and need help adding new reports or features, we can help. If your database ...

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About Our Web Design Services

Progressive IT Group uses technical and organizational know-how to help non-profit, political, and advocacy groups and campaigns to bring their messages to their members and the public.

All organizations today need active web sites and database management. We can help you build web sites, develop data strategies, and train your staff to use them.

We also provide regular or occasional consulting services as needed to assist in ongoing operations. But our goal is not to make clients dependent on us; rather, we ...

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Custom Web Application Development

We offer custom web development and have built some incredibly innovative web applications and services for our clients that are simple, effective, and easy to use.

Working closely with our clients, we blend technical expertise with business strategy to achieve outstanding results in less time.

We can help you:

  • Design and develop custom web applications from the ground up
  • Improve or add features to your existing website
  • Build custom databases and web applications to help you grow your organization

Contact us to learn how we can ...

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Setting Up Outlook Email and Other Lunarpages Tutorials

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This tutorial shows you how to set up your email account in outlook and also how to find other Lunarpages tutorials.  To view a larger version of this video click ...

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Control Panel Log in and Email Accounts

This tutorial walks you through logging in to your website’s “control panel”.  From wikipedia:
A control panel, in web hosting, is a web-based interface provided by the hosting company that allows customers to manage their various hosted services in a single place.

The below tutorial will not be exactly the same for every webhost, or webhosting package.  You may need to log in directly from your webhosts customer log in page. To view a larger version of this video click here: ...

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