Data Management

Donor, Volunteer, and Voter Databases

We can help you develop a data management system to track your donors, volunteers, and constituents. An online database can be integrated into your web design to allow your employees to securely access your data online from any webbrowser.

We can design a local custom database using Microsoft Access or create a secure online database that can be accessed from anywhere in the world, making it easier for remote volunteers to help with data entry.

For a political campaign, we can help you gather and update data on registered voters in relevant districts, using state and county voter files.

Databases can help you:

  • Track inventory
  • Track customer orders and renewals
  • Track personal details for donors and supporters (such as level of support or issue interest)
  • Compile polling information on voters or supporters
  • Keep track of donations to facilitate reporting, enforce contribution limits for a current campaign cycle, and automate thank you letters
  • Track attendance at events (including RSVPs and payments received)
  • Create a volunteer management system with to-do lists and assign volunteers items that maximize their assistance (volunteers can update their task progress to keep you informed; you set reminders when tasks are not yet completed)
  • Track historical voting patterns (by voter) to create tailored mailing and phone banking lists
  • Analyze historical election results to discern patterns and target voters by precinct

Email List Management

Tracking your volunteer and customer emails is critical to your success. We can help you set up an online subscription service to your website and develop email newsletters to keep your supporters informed.

Storage Protection

We can also help you implement a backup and disaster recovery program.

Your organization’s most valuable intellectual property is data, which can be anything from email and images to spread sheets and databases. The availability of these files is critical to keeping your organization running smoothly. We can help develop storage and backup disaster and recovery solutions to protect your information and ensure a high level of continuity.