Online Backup

We can help you get set-up with an online backup solution.

Backup Features and Benefits

  • Unlimited storage capacity for one flat annual subscription fee – back up all your data files or just the ones you want
  • Strong encryption protects your privacy (files encrypted twice before they leave your PC)
  • Private key encryption option available to advanced users
  • Automatically, continuously finds and backs up your irreplaceable files, e.g. photos, documents, music, and emails
  • Set and forget – automatically detects and backs up new and changed files
  • No need to schedule backups, however scheduling options available for advanced users
  • File versioning – allows you to restore any of several previous versions of a backed up file
  • Backs up open files
  • Block-level incremental backup – when files change, only the changes are backed up
  • Silent when computer is in use – never slows it down
  • Backup status information and restore functions integrated with Windows Explorer