Small Business Services

We offer a wide range of services for small businesses, including:

Project Management and Collaboration Software

If your employees need an effective collaboration tool, we can help you sort through the various options and select the software solution that best meets your needs.

Database Development

We can help you develop a custom database to track customer orders, purchase orders, vendors and inventory. If you have inherited a Microsoft Access Database, and need help adding new reports or features, we can help. If your database will be used by more than 10 concurrent users, or will be run on the web, you might consider upsizing to a mySQL database. We can help you make the migration.

Backup and Recovery

We can also help you implement a backup and disaster recovery program.

Your organization’s most valuable intellectual property is data, which can be anything from email and images to spread sheets and databases. The availability of these files is critical to keeping your organization running smoothly. We can help develop storage and backup disaster and recovery solutions to protect your information and ensure a high level of continuity. (Click here for more information)

Corporate Email

We can help you set-up and manage your corporate email, either using your current webhost, or help you scale-up to a hosted exchange server, which allows your employees to share calendars, contacts, attachments and more.

Voice Over IP, Online Chat and Free Conference Calling

Online chat can provide an easy way for off-site employees to get quick answers and interact with employees at the main office. Make cheap phone calls worldwide, or set-up a local phone number for your customers overseas. We can help your company make use of some of the latest voice over IP technologies to keep people connected while saving money.