About Our Web Design Services

Progressive IT Group uses technical and organizational know-how to help non-profit, political, and advocacy groups and campaigns to bring their messages to their members and the public.

All organizations today need active web sites and database management. We can help you build web sites, develop data strategies, and train your staff to use them.

We also provide regular or occasional consulting services as needed to assist in ongoing operations. But our goal is not to make clients dependent on us; rather, we seek to empower people to manage their own sites and data (as even individuals with little technical background can readily learn to do).

Our strongest assets are our developer’s long technical experience, our commitment to socially valuable missions, and our willingness to work with your staff on a personal basis to tailor our services to your precise needs with a quick turnaround time.

Our fees are reasonable and may be arranged by the job or by the hour, on a short-term basis or on retainer.

Progressive IT Group is dedicated to becoming the premier socially-conscious website design & development firm in southeastern Pennsylvania.