Google Earth and Google Maps

Take full advantage of the new google earth and google maps applications with mashups. We can write a mashup that will generate a google map with data from your database. Want to see where your political precint or district is and how many Republicans vs. Democrats live in those precincts? A google maps mashup can show you.

You can also create a map hosted on your own site, showing where all of your Independent voters live, or one showing where your headquarters is located, or even show your supporters where your events will be held. If you can imagine it, we can build it.

Here’s an example of a Google Map with an overlay of the New PA 7th Congressional District (2012).

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Here’s an example of a Map showing polling locations in Chester County PA (2007)(click on any of the dots to get more information about the location):

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Here’s an example of Voting Precincts in Chester County, PA (2007)(click on any precinct to view data on voter registration percentages):

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