Make Your Site Interactive

We can make your website interactive, with polls and social networking allowing users to add comments, respond to polls, and utilize social networking applications that keep your coming back.

“Tell A Friend” widgets enable your supporters to spread the word by personalizing your message for maximum impact through viral marketing.

We can add a forum or online live chat application to allow your supporters to interact with each other in real time.

We can help you build a presence on social networking sites like facebook and myspace, or help you host your own social networking application. These networking sites have helped engage young people at a grassroots level, and are a very effective tool for recruiting volunteers.

We can install a calendar that allows your supporters (with passwords) to add events or meet-ups that advance your goals.

Inbound and outbound RSS (really simple syndication) feeds keep your content fresh and allow you to share it with others.

A good way to keep your site up-to-date is to tap into the huge amount of extant material on the Internet; for example, we can add news feeds to your site and links to sites that you wish to be associated with or that amplify your message.