Streaming Video and Audio

Today’s internet users, overwhelmed by information, prefer to be entertained while getting information. Including short, issue-focused videos, streaming audio, and flash animations into your web design will greatly enhance the “stickiness” of your website.


Many internet users won’t take the time to read all content, but will watch videos on issues important to them— especially when referred to them by a friend. We can help you develop short but entertaining custom videos for your campaign or issue group—a powerful means for spreading your message virally.

Our services range from assisting you to use home videos made by your members to full-scale highly-produced commercials for television.

Effective topics may include:

  •  gatherings, meetings, press conferences, and other events or occasions.
  •  personal appeals from your leader or candidate for donations
  • outside endorsements of your campaign or issue

Some of the means we suggest are:

  • pre-recorded footage for web distribution through YouTube added to your site.
  • infomercials and commercials for web distribution
  • live video feeding real-time events onto your web site

We can also help encourage your supporters to submit personal videos for your cause; a video-submission contest can generate buzz.

Streaming Audio

We can help you create podcasts for viewing on your site or for downloading to iPods and other MP3 players.

Flash Intro Screens

We can produce custom flash animations for your website. Below is an example of a flash presentation which created from a purchased template, and then customized.

Click here to view the below sample flash presentation in a new window.